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Adventure Paragliding
  • Fly time: 15 min garanteed;
  • Video: included;
  • Age: 8-65+

Cross Country Flight

  • Fly time: 45-60 min;
  • Distance: 15-20km;
  • Video: included;
  • Age: 18-45;
  • Clothing: Safety shoes and season suit included;
  • For non first time experience only.
5. Transport service
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Hot Air Ballooning
adventure sky travel in balloon
basket for 1-3 persons with
round transport from Tbilisi and back

1999 GEL
Paragliding with jeep tour compilationAdventure Paragliding
with offroad and Tbilisi
to Kazbegi day tour
for 1 to 4 persons

699 GEL