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Low season packages

Hint: Try to select different dates to compare prices. Price depends on booking load for the day and long term bookings.
Date format is mm-dd-yyyy

Adventure Paragliding

Retail price: 500 GEL


  • main spot: Gudauri;
  • reserve spot: Ananuri;
  • video filming included;
  • fly time 15 to 35 min garanteed;
  • Off-Road trip to takeoff;
  • near road to Kazbegi;
  • 40-100 km from Tbilisi;
  • unlimited weight;
  • winter clothing;
  • insurance included;
  • every day and year round;
  • flexible dates and time
    depend on weather;

Regular Paragliding

Discounted price: 180 GEL

  • main spot: Ananuri;
  • fly time 8-10 min garanteed;
  • 70 km from Tbilisi;
  • video not included;
  • insurance not included;
  • weight limit 45-75kg;
  • from 2 persons per time;
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Transport service

Not needed

Excursion to Kazbegi

Taxi from Tbilisi to paragliding
         it's different price depend on fly spot (like 149 for Adventure and 99 for Regular paragliding)

Taxi from Kazbegi to Tbilisi

Private cars only, no sharings (you can share it between your friends), price per booking, not per person.