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Fly Caucasus Paragliding Company


+995 568 11 44 53

Sometime we fly in out of coverage area for mobile phone, please, send sms for keep connection.

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How to drive:

Stepantsminda to Tbilisi Route

Tbilisi to Tbilisi Route

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Fly time & place
How many people?
10-15 min in Tbilisi
20-25 min in Ananuri



Video filming of your paragliding

Not needed
on Memory Card - 59 GEL
Google upload - 39 GEL

Insurance contract

Yes, i want local insurance + 39 GEL
You can use our insurance with paragliding, or use your own touristic insurance.

Aerobatic elements + 199 GEL

Includes lot of regular aerobatic elements. Most soft and safe elements in paragliding. It's require much more height or your flight'll be little short than flight without aerobatic.

Cross Country +199 GEL

- Additional 30 min in air;
- Distance flight up to 30km from takeoff;
- 3 hours total trip time.

Customers Weight

20-35 kg
40-60 kg
65-75 kg
80-95 kg
100-120 kg
125-150 kg

Customers Age

7-15 years old
16-45 years old
50-65 years old


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Excursion tour Tbilisi - Kazbegi
Personal pickup from hotel in Tbilisi.
You'll pay for excursion tour only, if no weather conditions for paragliding.
You can join to this tour up to 6 people per time.

Direct transport from Tbilisi or Kazbegi
Direct personal transport from your hotel to paragliding spot and dropoff in your hotel after finish.
We'll do it in good and clear weather forecast only.

Free Bonuses

4x4 Off-Road jeep tour with start from 1900m above sea level and ride to 2800-3000m for paragliding takeoff. Ride distance near 10 km, real mountain road with stones, slopes, duty and better high point view!

Payment & Refund
  • Booking without payment expired in 2 hours;
  • We dont accept bookings in less than 24 hours!
  • Website prices do not apply to offline bookings;
  • Booking deposit is 30% from total price and 50% in Happy Hours;
  • You pay the rest after the flight is finished;

100% moneyback (refund) policy:

  • if no weather conditions on main or reserve day;
  • you cancel booking before 14 days;