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Frequently asked questions

Organization questions

Q: Can we come directy to your office and book paragliding there?
A: No, you have to book your paragliding in advance online (at least 12 hours before your flight) on our website with deposit payment.

Q: What time is the paragliding held?
A: June to August - 9am, September to May - 11am.

Q: What day to choose for paragliding?
A: Weather forecast is not an accurate timetable. We advice to fill in your arrival and departure dates in online booking form. We'll contact you 1-2 days before your arrival day and inform you wich day is the best for paragliding.

Q: Will I do paragliding alone or with instructor?
A: You'll fly with instructor only!

Q: How works the organization of a paragliding tandem flight?
A: We agree on a desired flight date via online booking, email or phone. Because paragliding is completely depending on weather conditions, we will contact you in any case on the evening prior to the desired flight date between 20:00 to 21:00 to inform you about the weather, accurate time planning, flight area, meeting place and time.

Q: We are group of 4...100 people. How many people can do paragliding per time?
A: It works this way: one pilot-instructor and one passeger in one glider. We can pick up and ride to take off from 1 to 4 persons per time for 10 to 30 min fly time (jeep tour) and up to 30 persons for short 5-8 min fly time.

Q: We are 2 persons. Can we fly in the same time? How many people can fly at the same time with one polot-instructor?
A: One pilot-instructor can do paragliding for one person only. We can do up to 4 persons per time: 4 pilots and 4 gliders at the same time in the air!

Q: Do you refund money if no weather?
Yes, sure! We refund your deposit confirmation payment to your payment card in 72 hours, if we can't do paragliding in main or reserve day or you want to cancel your booking before 14 days.

Q: Can we join to the Kazbegi tour people without paragliding?
A: Yes! Tour price is fixed and you can share cost among your friends. Offroad tour to takeoff not included in Kazbegi tour (in paragliding options only). You can join up to 7 persons per one booking for Kazbegi tour.

Q: Why is fear of vertigo is not a problem for a paragliding tandem flight?
A: Vertigo is often mistakenly equated with fear of heights. In fact, anyone except maybe the people who works every day in high altitudes are afraid of heights. During paragliding, the fear of vertigo vanishes within seconds after the take off.

Q: Does my age and weight matter?
A: We also fly with children over 10 years, but morning time only (8-9am). High take off weight leads to a higher take off speed. If your weight is more then 100kg please consult your pilot first, it depends on weather conditions and wind speed also.

Q: How I can take my video?
A: You'll get a memory card after we flinish your paragliding trip or you'll get link to download your video from Google Drive. We hold video on Google Drive for ONE month only. You have to download your video in ONE month!

Q: What can we do if there is no weather?
A: You can go to Kazbegi one day tour. If you join this private tour provided by our company you can come back to us again on your way back to Tbilisi at evening time (like 3-5pm). Sometimes the weather recovers to good conditions in afternoon if it's not good at morning time. You can wait or ask driver go to Kazbegi tour if you book direct transport only.

Timing of Paragliding


Q: How far closest paragliding spot from Tbilisi?
A: One spot in Ananuri - 1 hour drive, 60km from Tbilisi. Gudauri - 100km, 2 hours drive one way.

Q: Do you provide transport from Tbilisi?
A: Yes. You can choose in booking page round direct transport only or one day tour to Kazbegi. Price for direct transport is from 99 GEL, and 299 GEL for one day tour.

Q: What time you pick us up from Tbilisi and where?
A: It's personal private service. We pick you up direcly from your hotel and drop you off back at your hotel after drive back to Tbilisi. Pick up time: from 7 to 9 am.

Q: Can i come to meet point in Tbilisi by public transport?
A: Sure! Local bus to Tbilisi (or to Kazbegi) start at 7-8-9am from Didube underground in Tbilisi. Ticket price is 7 to 10 GEL one way.

Q: Is it possible to do one day tour and paragliding in the same day?
A: Yes, you can do it all in one day tour.


  • Don't drink too much alcohol in the evening and don't eat too much before paragliding, because you'll fill deezy and can barf in air or after landing;
  • Use sport boots with tighten laces, something like running shoes.