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Jeep Off Road Tours

Around Tbilisi ONE day
excursion tour for 2-3 persons
with Off Road jeep tour in snow
to Didgori Battle Monument
Total tour duration time 4 hours
    Year round
Package for 2-3 persons
Around Tbilisi one day offroad tour
Lunch and coffee pit-stop
Pickup time 11am
DropOff time 4pm
Hotel pickup
Private tour only!
Total Price 699 GEL
399 GEL

Around Tbilisi offroad tourOne day Around Tbilisi - Didgori

Route >

  • Hotel pickup in Tbilisi
  • Mtskheta pit-stop
  • Didgori Battle Memorial
  • Kojori Fort
  • Mtatsminda TV Tower
  • After tour lunch
  • Drop off in hotel


   The Battle of Didgori was fought between the armies of the Kingdom of Georgia and the declining Great Seljuq Empire at the place of Didgori, 40 km west of Tbilisi, (the modern-day capital of Georgia), on August 12, 1121. The battle resulted in King David IV of Georgia’s decisive victory over a Seljuk invasion army under Ilghazi and the subsequent reconquest of a Muslim-held Tbilisi, which became the royal capital. The victory at Didgori inaugurated the medieval Georgian Golden Age and is celebrated in the Georgian chronicles as a "miraculous victory". Modern Georgians continue to remember the event as an annual September festival known as Didgoroba ("[the day] of Didgori").


  The Battle of Didgori is one of the most important key moments in Georgia’s history. The fighting between the Georgian army headed by the King David IV the Builder and a coalition of Seljuks took place at Didgori field, 40 km west of Tbilisi, on August 12, 1121. According to legend, David addressed his soldiers before the battle and told them: ‘We either win or die on this field. Everyone!’
As many historians claim, the number of Seljuks was as much as five times greater than that of Georgians, but due to very clever tactical moves, David’s army took a very important victory and reclaimed the Muslim-held capital, Tbilisi. Moreover, the victory at Didgori inaugurated the medieval Georgian Golden Age and is celebrated in the Georgian chronicles as a "miraculous victory".
To immortalize this amazing battle, in 1990s, the memorial was set up at Didgori field. Big swords stuck in the ground revive the centuries-old history.


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