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Paragliding Adventure with 4x4 OffRoad Tour

   So what happens when you order the paragliding with off-road tour in Fly Caucasus Company?

paragliding 4x4 off road tours

   You get into a jeep and go into the mountains. The dray road, high-grade climb and a feeling of inability of actions make the trip really unforgettable. But that’s all the moonshine in comparison with the unreal beauty of the Caucasus Mountain Range! You just want to get out of a car immediately and take a photo.

   But the car is going on and you realize that the real emotions are onward. When the lifting ends and you get into the meadow, it seems to you that it is the end of your trip. It’s not like that. The way over hill and dale is not at hand. As a result, finally reaching the top, you understand that off-road driving is “not for whimps” entertainment.

   During you look around, the pilot has already broken out a paraglider. He is ready for take-off. It becomes clear do you know how to run well. To fly with a paraglider, you need to take a few meters of the accelerating run. You run and fly up toward the clouds. The description of the flight is useless. The delight is impossible to describe. You see an amazing beauty of the mountains that sprawling all over you.

   If you have the courage to look down, you can see some tiny houses, cars and sheep. At this point you realize that life is beautiful!

   So, if you want thrills, lively emotions and crazy photos, off-road tour with Fly Caucasus - is what you need. And do not forget to dress warmly – it is chilly in the mountains.

  • Paragliding for 1-4 persons per time;
  • 4x4 Off-Road trip: start from 1900m above sea level and ride to 2800-3000m for paragliding takeoff;
  • Ride distance near 10 km, real mountain road with stones, slopes, duty and better high point view;
  • Cross Country 5-10 km paragliding flight from most safe takeoff, up to 20-40 min in air!
  • Personal pickup from hotel in Gudauri or from Meet Point in Gudauri for FREE;
  • Video included for FREE on memory card;
  • Total trip duration 2-2.5 hours;

Retail price: 170 USD (459 GEL) per person, up to 4 people per time only.

Book today and join tomorrow!

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